Roadburn Festival in 2015

October 2, 2014

Roadburn 2015 - Scott H Biram

August Update – European Tour/Deep Blues Festival/Live Album

August 19, 2014

Hey Everybody!!

Hope you’ve all been having a great summer!  We’ve got some fun stuff coming up for the last half of 2014, including a full 5 Week European Tour in September!
Please check the dates below or at any time right here!

I’ll be playing a few southern shows in October on our way to Deep Blues Festival!
10/16-Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom, Monroe LA
10/17-Deep Blues Festival, Clarksdale, MS
10/18-New Roxy, Clarksdale, MS
Don’t forget I’ll be performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin TX in November along with some great acts like Judas Priest, and King Diamond!!

After a full first half of 2014, I’ve had some precious time at home.  I don’t get much of that so it’s been great!  I’ve been writing some great new songs for the next studio album, and I’m really anxious to get back in the studio and start getting them on tape. I might be trying a few of those out on you guinea pigs at these upcoming shows!  Until then, I’ve been in there mixing down some live tracks from back in December at my private Gibson Showroom show in Austin. We’re hoping to make those available to you in some form or another by early next year.  Also, you asked for it so here ya go!   We’ve had my old albums “The Dirty Old One Man Band” and “Graveyard Shift” remastered for vinyl and will be releasing those as soon as we can on vinyl LPs!! Stay tuned and keep coming out to the shows!  We’ll see ya around the bend, down in the valley, or up on the hill!!

Here’s the dates!!!

Sep 03
Cafe du Belvedere
Fribourg, Switzerland

Sep 04
Vienna, Austria

Sep 05
Alster Schlosshof
Wels, Austria

Sep 06
Berne, Switzerland

Sep 07
Le Lux
Le Locle, Switzerland

Sep 08
Zurich, Switzerland

Sep 09
La Loggia Del Leopardo
Vogogna, Italy

Sep 11
Rennes, France

Sep 12
Marché gare
Lyon, France

Sep 13
Perpignan, France

Sep 14
Secret Place
Montpellier, France

Sep 15
Barcelona, Spain

Sep 16
Boite Live
Madrid, Spain

Sep 17
Loco Club
Valencia, Spain

Sep 18
La Ley Seca
Zaragoza, Spain

Sep 19
Casa Tomada
A Coruna, Spain

Sep 20
Bilbao, Spain

Sep 21
Escenario Santander
Santander, Spain

Sep 24
Kargadoor (icw Ekko)
Utrecht, Netherlands

Sep 25
El Diablo
Lille, France

Sep 26
Hasselt, Belgium

Sep 27
Lessines, Belgium

Sep 28
Drachten, Netherlands

Sep 29
Duisburg, Germany

Sep 30
Mudd Club
Strasbourg, France

Oct 01
Krefeld, Germany

Oct 02
Bessunger Knabeschule
Darmstadt, Germany

Oct 04
Stuttgart, Germany

Oct 05
Cortina Bob
Berlin, Germany

Oct 16
Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom
Monroe, LA

Oct 17
Deep Blues Festival
w/ Guadalupe Plata
Clarksdale, MS

Oct 18
New Roxy
Clarksdale, MS

Nov. 9
Austin, TX.

Scott H. Biram – June Update

June 15, 2014

June 2014

Hey everybody! We just got back from my first Scandinavian tour where we had a balls out great time! My friend and Euro sound engineer Matt Puryear, my friend and Euro tour manager, Julien (Road To Yell) and I  made alot of new friends and conquered a new land (new to us at least!)!! Thanks so much to all the promoters and venues who helped put on some great shows for us! A special thanks to our new friend, Daniel Josefsson who put the whole thing together for us! Don’t forget to stop by Extreme Foods, his amazing hot sauce shop and pick up an ass burning good time if you’re ever in Stockholm, Sweden! It’s awesome! Also be sure to check out my pics at, especially the one where I sat on some chocolate candy for 3 hours on the plane before I realized it! yikes!! That was before we stopped at Extreme Foods! Ha!

In September I’ll be back in Central/Eastern/Southern Europe for more great times!
Most of the dates are up now on but we’ll be adding more so keep an eye on that schedule!

In October, I’ll be back at Deep Blues Festival which will be held in Clarksdale MS this year, where Muddy Waters used to live. Being a huge fan of Muddy Waters and sharing the same birthday as him, you know I’m pretty excited. Also I was the headliner at the original Deep Blues fest in Minnesota a few years ago, so it’s great to be back working with the great Chris “The Don” Johnson!!

Also more big news! In November I’ll be playing at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX  this year with some great big names like Judas Priest, King Diamond, Dinosaur Jr. and so many more..


May Update

May 20, 2014

Hey Everybody!!!

It’s been a very busy first part of 2014! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the new record “Nothin’ But Blood”!!! Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows with SHB, Larry & His Flask, and Whiskey Shivers in Feb/March. We had such a great time and made some new friends for life! Quality music, great crowds and good times in general!  We had something like 8 sold out shows in 5 weeks and most of the others were very close to selling out too! That makes me feel really good. Thanks y’all!

I had a blast last week headed up to Chicago and back for the 2nd annual Moonrunners Festival! Blew through 3000 miles in about 5 days. Thanks to Josh from Outlaw Radio and Shooter Jennings for booking me as the headliner for the 2nd year in a row! We had such a good time with all our Moonrunners friends! Thanks to everybody who came out to the show!

I’ve got a couple weeks off here in Austin, then headed out for my first full tour of Scandinavia in May!
We’ll be hitting Sweden, Finland and Norway on this one. Though it’s my 16th European tour in the last 8 years, it’s my very first full tour of Scandinavia so I’m looking forward to unleashing what I’ve got on the good folks over there. After that I’ll be headed out in June with Austin Lucas to hit most of the Eastern US! Check out those dates below. I’ll also be back in Central /Eastern/Southern Europe for a full on tour in September. We’ll be headed back to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, and Spain on this one I think!
In October, I look forward to my first time performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin, TX and Deep Blues Fest in Mississippi, along with a few more tricks up my sleeve for the rest of the year. We’ve got tentative plans for a quick jaunt across the South in November.

Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads up about upcoming stuff and let you know how much all your support means to me!
Thanks for being there for me and keeping the music alive! You’re the best! Hope to see you out there somewhere!!!


New Record

Nothin' But Blood